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A book a month for a year

As I’ve mentioned (probably too much, I always talk too much), I have been endeavouring the follow a book a month challenge this year. You may have seen me chattering about it on social channels, and I’m now following an Instagram book club that’s doing the same thing. Does that mean it’s now two books a month? Crumbs.

The way it works

The thing I love about this challenge (which a friend introduced me to, I can take no credit much as I’ve adore to), is that you don’t start off with a list of 12 books to read through in a year. Oh no, gone are the guilt-trips and the lonely books staring at you from the bedside table in their coats of dust accusing you of a lack of affection. You see, the trick is, you only write a book on your list once you’ve read it.

Positive Lists

It’s all positive and affirming y’know. And I think it’s rather clever. So you get this immense sense of joy and accomplishment every time you write a book on your list (or type as the case may be, my book list is on my phone).


I wouldn’t mind spending the rest of my life in a good second-hand bookshop

Trying new genres

One of the great advantages of this activity, which my friend highlighted to be before I took up the challenge, is that it pushes you to read things you would not ordinarily. It’s a grand old opportunity to dip your wordy toes in previously untouched literary waters. And I’ve found it jolly revealing. You see, books aren’t just books. They are so very different to one another because authors write so individually. So what you think you may like, you don’t,  what you think you’ll loath, you like!

Engaging with friends

As I am a chatterbox, I spoke about taking up the challenge at work and soon a few more people caught the fever and it’s been a great talking point. Although you’re not reading the same books necessarily so it can’t work like an ordinary book club, there is a sense of clubby-ness. There’s a lot of joy in saying where you’re at, if you’re leaping ahead like a reading gazelle, or woefully behind (I have been several books behind upon a certain month and caught up on holiday), and there’s a joy in chatting over what you think of the book, if you like it, if you’d recommend it.

You get a sense of other people’s tastes, and ideas about what you might read next. They spur you on and it becomes quite sociable.

What I’ve read

Rather than reeling of a great list as if I were a champ (I’m not, it takes me a jolly long time to read, however much I enjoy it), I thought I’d list my highlights so far and perhaps jot another post down on each…

Frenchman’s Creek by Daphne du Maurier

Just One Damn Thing After Another by Jodi Taylor

A Very Short Introduction to World War I by Michael Howard

Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew’d by Alan Bradley

Rather varied and so far my top reads. More rambling thoughts to follow…



FREE BOOKS…well, if that doesn’t get you to click then perhaps we shouldn’t have a blogging relationship…

Haha! You clicked! In fact, let me just roll out the villain laugh, MWAHAHAHAHAHA! Of course, I’m kidding, for those who don’t click through, we can still have a blogging relationship, but to be quite frank, if you’re not interested in books you’ll find my blog rather dull.

The Widow's Redeemer - Philippa Jane Keyworth

The Widow’s Redeemer – Philippa Jane Keyworth

January can be quite a drear month, so I won’t drag this out, I’ll just try and brighten this time of year for you. I want to give away both of my books. First of all, I want to give away hard copies of both my books, The Widow’s Redeemer and The Unexpected Earl to someone. And it’s easy, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post with your name, an email address for me to contact you, and your best reason for loving historical romances. I’m rather cheeky, the last one is purely because I love hearing why people love books – so call that a treat for me.

The hard copies will be restricted to the UK I’m afraid. However, don’t you worldwide people feel that I’m letting you down. For those of you beyond our channel, and across that pesky Atlantic, I’m going to give away an e-copy of both novels in .mobi format. Same rules apply as above, leave a comment on this post with your name, email address, and the reason you love historical romances.

I’ll leave this running for a full week from today – so it will end at midnight on Tuesday 20th January 2015.

The Unexpected Earl - Philippa Jane Keyworth

The Unexpected Earl – Philippa Jane Keyworth

Everyone who enters will be put through a random generator so it’s all fair and fun. And, just because I want to promote my own ends shamelessly, those who share this blog post on a social media platform, and send me a link to where they have done so in their comment, will get two names in the ‘hat’ (both your name of course…d’uh).

So, brighten my day – all I’m doing at the moment is staring at a screen endeavouring to work (not writing I should say, but other, far less interesting work) – so let me do something nice and read some fun comments 🙂