Worlds of infinite possibilities, races with unique cultures—beautiful and sometimes deadly—and characters who dare to defy

The Edict

Being chosen by the Edict of Maidens is supposed to be an honour. For Kiara it’s a death sentence.

The Emrilion empire is tipping towards rebellion. High Councillor Garesh releases the Edict of Maidens to marry off the Prince so the sovereign can ascend the throne. Once that’s done, Garesh will have access to full power and can continue his suppression of all races beneath the Reluwyn.

Kiara, a Laowyn woman who’s race remains a secret, is chosen by the Edict of Maidens. With no intention of letting her race be discovered or ending her days in the Prince’s harem, she disguises herself and goes on the run. Falling from one captor to another she eventually comes face-to-face with the man she loathes.

Prince Trevisian has been avoiding his responsibilities since he was a child. Knowing he can’t live up to his father’s cruel legacy he leaves ruling to Garesh. But when a beautiful woman not only defies him but challenges his decisions, he finds himself questioning everything.

In the face of war Kiara and Trevisian must decide: who are they fighting for and what are they willing to sacrifice?

The Wall

In the aftermath of civil war the Kingdom of Emrilion rests on a fragile peace.

Three women forge paths through the rubble of the past: overcoming searing loss, discovering new powers and coming face-to-face with a new evil that threatens them all.

The Wall is the sequel to The Edict and is currently being written.