Worlds of infinite possibilities, races with unique cultures—beautiful and sometimes deadly—and characters who dare to defy

The Edict

Amidst robberies, prison breaks, palace intrigues, and an oncoming war, the struggle for peace rests on the shoulders of unlikely allies…

The Reluwyn Empire of Emrilion spans from the Northern Moors to the Tao Desert. The Laowyn, a people chosen by the Spirit, are subject to the Regent’s harsh rule on behalf of the Prince and a raft of oppressive Edicts is about to tip the scales toward rebellion. The Laowyn Resistance defend against persecution but the Regent Garesh’s stranglehold on power is unrelenting. In a bid to solidify his position he arranges for the Edict of Maidens to gather all eligible brides for the Prince’s choosing that the royal might ascend the throne as King with Garesh at his side as rightful power-wielder.

Kiara, a Laowyn woman whose race remains a secret, is chosen for the Prince but before she can be taken she escapes under the guise of a boy. Falling from one captor to another she eventually comes face-to-face with the man she loathes and suddenly two very different worlds collide.

The Wall

In the aftermath of civil war the Kingdom of Emrilion rests on a fragile peace.

Three women forge paths through the rubble of the past: overcoming searing loss, discovering new powers and coming face-to-face with a new evil that threatens them all.

The Wall is the sequel to The Edict and is currently being written.