Awards & Recognition

The Widow’s Redeemer

“Through Ms. Keyworth’s writing, her characters spirit and fire radiantly shine, readers cannot help but be  warmed by its rays! This story is filled with all kinds of delectable angst, and drama, while still delighting one with its heartfelt charm!”

Tonya Smalley ~ InD’Tale Magazine

“Keyworth has a clean, intelligent writing style. The narrative unfolds in a logical manner. Her characters are well-developed and likeable. This is well-written and nicely plotted, a quick and satisfying read reminiscent of Jane Austen.

Historical Novel Society

“This is a charming and squeaky clean Regency Romance with a solid hero and feisty heroine who obviously belong together. I enjoyed settling in for the twists and turns of the plot as they find their way out of their estrangement to reunite.”

Historical Novel Society

“A unique addition to the historical romance genre, “Fool Me Twice” explores the life of a gentlewoman caught between two lives. Due to the nature of the plot, there is plenty of conflict and a quick pace to keep it going as the story flips between Caro’s two lives. Tobias is an intriguing main lead: he is not an heir or wealthy in his own right, instead a second son who is often a disappointment to his parents. The combination of the unlikely hero and heroine adds plenty of sparks without crossing a line for the genre […] this is a must read for historical romance lovers!”

Sarah E. Bradley ~ InD’Tale Magazine

“Ms. Keyworth uses the Biblical story of Esther to construct a powerful new fantasy world that is brimming with life. Kiara and the Prince are well-constructed heroes with believable backstories and the supporting cast is just as interesting and complex. While the plot is not original, the new setting allows the author to draw deeper into the human story. Intense and well paced (with an ending battle sequence that rivals Hollywood blockbuster movies), readers will be chomping at the bit waiting for the next book in the trilogy!”

-Janice Martin ~ InD’Tale Magazine