‘She would disappear and no mistake.’ – Chapter 1 of The Wall revealed.

Hello all, I’ve been working on the sequel to my fantasy The Edict (2017) which is currently entitled The Wall. The second instalment in The She Trilogy; you’ll get to catch-up with your favourite characters from book 1 and meet some newbies too… The Wall working-blurb: In the aftermath of war the Kingdom of Emrilion is rallying,Continue reading “‘She would disappear and no mistake.’ – Chapter 1 of The Wall revealed.”

The Kingdom of Emrilion

I got carried away. It was one of those days I have dedicated to writing. I woke up and instead of picking up a keyboard or lined paper, I picked up a sketch-pad and pencils. I’ve always enjoyed a bit of doodling and sketching. In fact, you might be interested to know that the facesContinue reading “The Kingdom of Emrilion”

First Copy of The Edict!

It arrived a few weeks ago but I couldn’t share it until now because of loads of other things needing to be done! Self-publishing really is a busy business! Anyway, it arrived so quickly when I ordered the first copy. So nervous It came like any other book ordered online in an inconspicious brown boxContinue reading “First Copy of The Edict!”

The Edict Cover Release

I am so excited to finally be sharing more with you on the run up to the release of The Edict in December! The cover of The Edict starts with an old friend. Venetia and I go way back. We’ve been friends for several years now and she’s easily one of those people I describe as lovely insideContinue reading “The Edict Cover Release”

New things, old things and free things

Some of you might have been wondering where I’ve been. An occasional glance at my blog may have made you think, ‘gosh, it’s a long time since she’s posted.’ You might have even been thinking, ‘she’s not really been on FB and Twitter much! She’s been really quite quiet online.’ Others of you might beContinue reading “New things, old things and free things”