The Unexpected Earl Reviews

Philippa’s second book The Unexpected Earl has proven to her fans she’s not a one-trick-pony!

Discovering Diamonds review snippet:

discovering-diamonds-review-badgeAlthough it could be said that this novel does not offer anything new in the way of Regency Romances, that is not a criticism. Sometimes it is a comfort to know that the story will develop in the way you expect, like an old friend in a new hat. So bravo! A good read, warm, familiar, and welcoming. Like a comfy pair of slippers or an old snuggly jumper, this is a perfect indulgent read for a long winter evening.

Austen Prose review snippet:

Overall, the setting of the story, romantic suspense, and Julia and Wolversley’s relationship—specifically their journey of forgiveness and love after so much pain—was well written and made The Unexpected Earl impossible to put down. I was hooked from the very first page with my introduction to the brooding, secretive Lucius Wolversley, but as soon as I met the impulsive, hurting Julia Rotherham I knew that this would be a love story that would pull my heartstrings. And it did—The Unexpected Earl made me cry, laugh, and on finishing, immediately recommend it to my friends. This was a joy to read, and is a Regency novel that will delight Jane Austen fans, particularly lovers of Persuasion.

Diana Silva – Amazon Customer review snippet:

…Overall, this was a fun and sweet read. Both characters were very kind and much of their communication was based on misunderstandings and not wanting to be rejected. Anyone that is looking for a charming historical romance will enjoy this book. The main characters and secondary characters were equally interesting. Keyworth’s writing was also very good because she kept the mysterious break up between Julia and Wolversley interesting throughout the story.

Kathleen Charon – Amazon Customer:

I was a fan of this author after reading her debut novel and could hardly wait for the release of this book. I was not disappointed. The descriptions of the surroundings, the balls and the city of London were clear enough to transport me there. The characters were complex and complete. They all seemed liked flawed and very real people. The anguish that Julia felt, to have been jilted with no explanation was understandable and palpable. The complex emotions that the situation created was also very realistic to me. It is a traditional Regency with no explicit behavior and was an uplifting escape from the modern world. I enjoyed every minute.

To Read Or Not To Read review snippet:

The story line was really good. The book grabbed me from the get-go, and it entertained me to the end. I do hope there is a sequel because I’d really like to revisit these characters again. I think fans of Jane Austen or Georgette Heyer would like this book.