His Banyan Bride

The widow Lady Rachel Denby will not be beholden to anyone.

She has had enough of being chattel and has made a deal with Viscount Arleigh, one of Society’s long-serving bachelors. A quick marriage by special licence and an even quicker annulment will see them both set up on Arleigh’s long awaited inheritance. If they can pull it off they’ll each be enjoying the independence they desire. But no one ever said anything about difficult solicitors, severe in-laws, proper manners and making a good impression.

In the end, the real question is not when will their deal be done, but rather will they be able to keep to it at all?The second instalment of The Ladies of Worth Series, His Banyan Bride tells the story of Lady Rachel Denby, sister to Lady Rebecca Fairing of Fool Me Twice and featuring many of your favourite characters from the first novel.

His Banyan Bride is Philippa’s fifth book, a Georgian romance sequel to Fool Me Twice, following the story of the widowed Lady Rachel Denby, sister to Lady Rebecca Fairing of Fool Me Twice. This book forms the second in the Ladies of Worth series.

Introducing new characters and revisiting old characters further on in their lives, this romance focuses on a marriage of convenience with a deal that the bride and groom and struggling to keep!

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