Getting Published

Over the years I have been asked many times about publishing. Whether it’s where to start, who to talk to, what the options are, there are a lot of questions writers have, and many of these questions have answers that overlap. This is why I’ve put together these pages on my website.

At first I responded with newly written emails to every request, then I collated a document with all the basic information on and sent that round, now I’m moving forward again and putting it online for anyone to get to.

Getting Published | Information | Philippa Jane Keyworth

This is by no means an exhaustive list, even as an author I don’t know everything there is about the publishing world, and it is an ever-changing landscape. However, I have put together all the things which I have found-out and found helpful in one place for people to use in whatever way suits them.

In terms of finding out more about publishing, there are certain resources I recommend, I’ve written about the different ways of getting published, and I’ve put together a cheeky little glossary of terms I didn’t understand at first. And if you still don’t have all the info you need after reading these pages then get on the internet and start searching. You can find so much on there and it’s where I did/do most of my learning. Just be sure to check you’re reading reputable sources.

Apart from that, remember,

Only you can write the way you write, which is why it’s worth you writing.

And developing a thick skin, so that you can take on-board criticism graciously, and continue moving forwards on your writing journey, will make for a happier writer.