Fool Me Twice Reviews

Read a selection of Fool Me Twice review snippets on this page and whet your appetite for reading the book!

InD’Tale Magazine review snippet:

‘A unique addition to the historical romance genre…The combination of the unlikely hero and heroine adds plenty of sparks without crossing a line for the genre…this is a must read for historical romance lovers!’

Sarah E. Bradley

Y. R. Diment, Amazon UK review snippet:

‘Very evocative of the period and quality research which has added to my social history of the period. Not just a copy of the Heyer books.

This is my favourite so far. Very likeable heroine and a strong woman.
Looking forward to the next one…’

Alice Barnard, Amazon US review snippet:

‘The premise is unique, so unique as to be nearly unbelievable until you get to know Caro and she wins your heart over. I kept wondering when her scheme would backfire, and if the noble yet mischievous Mr. Felton would be able to rescue her while keeping her all-important reputation intact. This sweet story of friendship and honor was a fun read with solid writing and loveable characters, transporting me right back to Georgian England. Highly recommended!’

Amazon US customer review snippet:

‘…hooked from the very first page, and the action continued to keep me glued to the pages, wondering what would happen next.

The plot is fun and original, with many twists and schemes that keep you hanging on to every word, desperate to know how it will all play out.

The main characters are all interesting…and the side characters are entertaining, especially Aunt Etheridge, who is my favorite character.

A very fun read, recommended for period drama fans, especially Georgette Heyer fans.’