The Creative Psyche needs sleep

It’s amazing what sleep does for one.

The Creative Psyche needs sleep

It can be entirely too easy to dismiss the qualities of decent sleep. When we’re in this busy, fast-paced, always-connected world, sleep can often be consigned to when we’re dead.

I kind of get this mentality. As a person who loves a to-do list, to plan, to make the most of the time I have – though I’m not immune to a Netflix binge of the Shannara Chronicles – it can be easy to think,

‘Well, if I stay up for that extra hour and a half I’ll have so much more time for activities.’

True, but after keeping a mood diary for a few weeks, I realised the impact that lack of sleep has on my next day. I wake up cranky, sometimes with a headache, I have no zeal for the day, I’m irritated by everything including sunshine, and all I want is to sit down and veg-out. Suddenly that next day becomes wasted time, the wasted time I was trying to avoid the day before.

One of the clearest impacts it has is on my creativity. If you are a creative, someone who likes to paint, draw, write, craft, DIY or innovate, then you probably know what I’m talking about. It’s hard to have a stimulated, excited mind, roving over possibilities and making them into reality when your brain is half asleep.

And yet I rationalise the staying up late as making the most of time, or because I’m too busy to go to bed, and I rationalise the lack of creativity as,

‘I’ve just been too busy.’

‘I don’t have the creative mind-space.’

‘I needed a break to recharge my creativity.’

And all it really came down to in the end, was going to bed on time. If you’re a tired creative, who wants more time to do creative things, then get some sleep. You’ll find you’re more on point, make more use of the limited time you have, and feel more satisfied at the end of the day. The bonus is, you’ll often be tired enough to go to bed on time.


3 thoughts on “The Creative Psyche needs sleep

  1. Absolute truth. I have sleep disorder problems as a result of chronic illness, not helped by having been in the habit, as a carer, of getting four hours real sleep and a series of catnaps. I take an effort to get a proper sleep, and I use lavender oil on my pillow as a relaxant, which works better than I expected it to do. I thoroughly recommend it, or if you are allergic to lavender, Roman chamomile. Some people sleep with patchouli, but I hate the smell so it makes me awake, cross and grumpy. Shakespeare knew what he was on about when he wrote ‘sleep that knits the ravel’d sleave[sic] of care.’

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