The Widow’s Redeemer Audiobook

The Widow’s Redeemer

has been released on Audible!

The Widow's Redeemer Audiobook - Narrated by Alex Lee
Available on Audible at £18.29 or FREE with a 30 day trial

I’ve been enjoying rather a long break away from online activities. It was partly for the ‘having a break’ thing and partly to give myself some creative space. Everything’s so busy and buzzing and instant these days, and I confess to not always being able to shut out the noise of everyday life long enough to take a step into my fictional worlds.

Thankfully, while I have been enjoying a sabbatical of sorts my publisher, Madison Street Publishing, has been hard at work behind the scenes working on the creation of my first audiobook!

The Widow’s Redeemer, my original Regency Romance novel has been transformed into a wonderful audiobook narrated by the talented Alex Lee.

Alex is a lovely lady who has worked tirelessly to bring The Widow’s Redeemer with its indomitable widow Letty Burton and its wealthy but scandalous Viscount to life!

“I was thrilled to audition and be given the opportunity to narrate The Widow’s Redeemer and also Fool me Twice both written by Philippa Jane Keyworth for Madison Street Publishing.

I loved the Georgette Heyer Regency romances which I read when younger and love the genre. Pip’s books transport you back to that wonderful era and I have loved narrating these stories.”

– Alex Lee on narrating The Widow’s Redeemer

Listening to The Widow’s Redeemer being narrated has truly been a pleasure for me. I find that once I complete a story and it comes out in book form I’m already onto my next one. My head has moved on and so one can forget exactly what has come before.

Listening to my first novel, read so beautifully by Alex, was so enjoyable. To remember the characters I had left behind, Letty with her quiet determination, Major Deveril – humorous yet honourable – and the complexity of a wealthy Viscount who bears emotional scars. I’d forgotten that world, and staring through a window of narration to remember it was perfect.

Pick it up today at Audible.


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