The Widow’s Redeemer on Amazon Kindle Daily Deal

My first novel The Widow’s Redeemer the story of a widow with an indomitable spirit and a Viscount with an unsavoury reputation is on Amazon Kindle Daily Deal today!

Get her for £0.99 while you can!

Historical Romance The Widow's Redeeer | Kindle Daily Deal
Ah, look at her there sitting so nicely with the other books…

Just whack in this URL: and tharrr she sits!

The Widow's Redeemer | Amazon Kindle Daily Deal
I like the little hover-box on this one, in case you didn’t know what you were looking at…

Want to sign-up to Kindle Daily Deals?

And, if you’re an avid reader and haven’t heard of the Kindle Daily Deal before, it’s well easy to sign-up, there’s a handy little box in the top right hand corner of the page looking like this:

How to sign up to Kindle Daily Deal on Amazon
Just click the subscribe button on the page and be prepared for your social life to disappear…

Enjoy my wee readerites!


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