I suppose resolutions are in order

I suppose resolutions are in order. This is the time when on my blog I should tell you that I will, in 2015, be blogging thrice a day, that they will be stirring, inspiring and utterly motivational, that I will have them hand-delivered via carrier-pigeon… or does that make them bird-claw-delivered? I don’t know.

I should also say that I will be writing 1,000 words a day for the next full stretch of 365 days. That these words will rival any Dickensian novel in both style and story. I should say that by the end of this year I’ll have 15 novels out (maybe I should up my daily word count?). That I will also, all this while, be enacting the role of perfect housewife. That I will go on fabulous holidays. That I will broadcast all of this via Facebook to keep people in a  state of enthralled jealousy. By the end of this year I shall have reached perfection on every level, and next year, resolutions will simply be obsolete in my life. What need will I have for them when this year’s resolutions will set the bar, form the path, create the way to travel in order to attain everything I have ever wanted?

New Year's Resolutions 2015 - Philippa Jane Keyworth
New Year’s at the Savoy 1907 – swanky, eh?

In truth, I wasn’t laughing, or even smiling when I wrote that. I was grimacing. It’s not at all that I have anything against New Year Resolutions. It’s that yesterday, when I was listening to someone talk, they said something bordering on the profound. They said that New Year’s Resolutions were rubbish – I know what you’re thinking, the rant will continue, but no – their reasoning was the interesting part. They said why do we have to wait for a New Year in order to enact change in our lives?

I’ll add to that, that usually, if we set a bar at a particular height, we are bound to fail. I’m not saying we’re all useless. History runs contrary to that point often enough, doesn’t it? Nope, I’m saying that humans are flawed, and most of us have good intentions – that clichéd phrase – but that quite often our actions fall short.

That leads often to guilt, to frustration, to feeling as though you are useless (note that I didn’t say you are useless, but feeling like it). Then you decide a change needs to be made, then you make another resolution. Maybe not everyone’s like me – shock horror – maybe your thought patterns work differently, but maybe you’re reading this and thinking, ‘Gosh, this seems familiar.’

Do I have any New Year’s Resolutions then? Nope, not as of yet. I’ll let you know if I do end up having any. At the beginning of a New Year I just want to say to other writers – give yourself credit where credit is due, and don’t beat yourself up too hard when you don’t reach the word count or the goal you had intended. I think I’m writing this to myself – the first sign of insanity? Ha!

So, I’m not saying I have any kind of answers, any particular pearls of wisdom, life is a complicated and utterly bewildering thing, and that is usually at the best of times 😉 Neither do I want people to discount New Year’s Resolutions, but maybe it’s worth viewing them more as, I don’t know, part of a continuing journey, rather than the be all and end all? After all, something I rarely take into account when making plans, is that life very rarely does as it’s told.


2 thoughts on “I suppose resolutions are in order

  1. I’m one of those who think new years resolution are rubbish. Not that it’s rubbish to everyone. I agree – why wait till the new years…. . when every day is a new day? It’s better to make resolutions when you’re ready to make one, rather than forcing it on yourself.

    It would be pretty awesome though if you managed to write 15 books…

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