Something I shouldn’t know about…

I’m such a fan of Christmas – but I’m sure everyone’s saying that on blogs right now. I mean it’s true, I won’t deny it. Michael Buble’s Christmas in New York is playing in the background, the fire is burning away and outside it’s chilly, it’s all rather Christmassy. Better yet, I KNOW what I’m getting on the 25th.

Naughty, I know, one shouldn’t really know what presents one is to expect, but the thing is, as one ages, one’s taste becomes refined, and suddenly only that specific thing will do. I know what it is I’m getting. I shouldn’t, and I certainly shan’t let it slip on here. Oh, no. It’s going to be extremely cosy, extremely slate grey, extremely wonderful. But I shan’t tell you. Mwahahaha!

What’s this? A bit of fantastic music – I think so

Christmas breaks are the best. When other work ceases and you can finally get a look at that pesky manuscript that’s been enacting itself in the back of your mind is very nice. That’s what I’ve been doing. Not in a disciplined manner. Not in a work way. Just in a, let’s surround myself with notebook, pen, laptop and music, kind of way. Idly tapping away between jaunts to Pinterest, into the pages of Outlander, and just watching a lot of cartoons and movies. It’s so nice, though I’ll admit rather difficult, not to be looking at the word count, or worrying about the time because I should be getting to work soon, or thinking I should really put the keyboard down in favour of an essay or my to-do list.

It’s helpful, certainly, to have some time to write. I am trying to sort something rather tricky – the timeline – and when you have several on the go at once, it’s a little complex to make sure everyone in the book is getting enough words. In fact, scratch that, it’s difficult to even remember what’s going on with all the characters that bumble across the white lengths of Microsoft Word. After all I’ve never written a story quite like this before. I’ve been trying to write down the timelines separately on a piece of paper in parallel lines – a clever idea I thought – to figure out what’s happening with each character and when, and having some free time to do it is rather handy.

It won’t last though, it never does, but I think that’s a good thing. Writing is very solitary, and this time of year isn’t for solitariness. It’s for friends, and family and people in general. That’s why Jesus came to earth, for people. So I shall relinquish my hold upon this backlit typing board, shut down the laptop, and go and giggle, and sing Christmas songs, and probably bicker and probably have fun. Maybe I’ll come back to the story at some point, tap a few more words down, but maybe not. It’s a lovely feeling, all this free time.


2 thoughts on “Something I shouldn’t know about…

  1. I’m reading this post a few days late as my blog subscriptions arrive as weekly digests! I loved this line: “Writing is very solitary, and this time of year isn’t for solitariness. It’s for friends, and family and people in general.” So so true. I should just write this down and stick it to the wall. On Christmas I was so, so tempted to hermit and work on my writing.

    1. Thanks June – What a great thing – to have someone want to stick your words on the wall!! I was the same as you though, I wanted to write on Christmas day – I think it’s because it’s so inspiring being with so many people, everyone chatting ten-to-the-dozen! x

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