Another year…

Another year is slipping rapidly away and amidst the warm glow of fairy lights and the excitement of soon-to-be-opened-presents, I find myself looking back on a busy and interesting time.

Another Year - Philippa Jane Keyworth - Author

A great many things have happened this year, some good and some sad. I was happy to see my second novel The Unexpected Earl come out and have received some great feedback which has really encouraged me in my wobbly moments 🙂 And I, along with many others, lost a good friend and writing mentor when M. M. Bennetts passed away.

It’s been lovely to see writers and readers banding together to celebrate her memory with the foundation of a new writing award: which will encourage new talent and celebrate her excellent taste in all things literary.

I’ve not blogged as much as I feel I should have, but that always seems the way 😉 Life has been busy, continuing to study and feeling the work-load rise in my final year. I’ve been snatching moments to write whenever I can, managing to start editing a new manuscript which has been so much fun and whose characters I am really starting to love.

I’m looking forward to introducing people to them, but I feel it’s going to be a few more edits before they’re ready to come into the light of readership. Even as I type I feel the impatience rising, I never seem to have enough time to write as much as I’d like, but then again, half my inspiration comes from living life away from the pen and paper.

And now Christmas is around the corner and I do love Christmas. One of my friends recently wrote in a Christmas card to me something which everyone should hear:

Forget work, forget stress, Christmas is about family, happiness and food

Ah, the food aspect gets me every time 😉 and celebrating the birth of a saviour. Oh, I do love Christmas.


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