The Unexpected Earl Cover & Blurb Reveal!!!

It’s just so exciting when your novel gets its cover. It’s like something immaterial is finally given a face and you can point to it and say, ‘that’s mine’ rather than just imagine the title and picture in your head. The Unexpected Earl, the story of a tempestuous heroine named Julia and all the scrapes her temper manages to get her into, not to mention the man who jilted her six years ago showing up unexpectedly, has finally been given a cover 🙂 


Now, of course I am biased, but I do just love this cover! It really captures the story well with the glowing ball-scene and as you can see from my first novel, The Widow’s Redeemer, I’m a fan of silhouettes, especially because they allow you, the reader, to imagine your own face for the heroine.

Anyway, enough of my tittle-tattling, have a gander at the blurb:

Six years after being jilted without a word of explanation, Julia Rotherham finds Lucius Wolversley standing before her once again–unexpected, unannounced, unwelcome. With her heart still hurting and, more importantly, her pride, Julia must chaperone her younger sister, fend off fortune hunters, orchestrate a fake engagement,and halt an elopement–all whilst keeping the man who jilted her at arm’s length. But what Julia doesn’t know is that this time, the Earl has no intention of disappearing, and this time, he has more than an explanation to offer….

Oh, it’s all very thrilling. Lot’s going on and finally, we have a release date, The Unexpected Earl will be released in September 2014 🙂

But just while you’re waiting, why not have a look at the first chapter?



5 thoughts on “The Unexpected Earl Cover & Blurb Reveal!!!

  1. Great cover, thanks for posting the first chapter. Eager to read this book!

    I liked how you incorporated the first line later in the chapter.

    1. Glad you like the cover and the first chapter 🙂 Very encouraging, and thanks for the comment about the first line thing – my first book had quotes at the beginning of the chapters so I wanted to do something different this time.

      Thanks for reading Janella.

      PJK x

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