Plot twists that never stop coming…

Plot Twists and Endings - Philippa Jane Keyworth - Regency Romance AuthorSo, a FB post inspired me to write this off-the-cuff post. It is mostly about TV rather than writing but I guess it could be applied. You see, the thing is, I think the problem with TV dramas these days is that they have plot twist after plot twist, until you can’t quite remember who’s the baddy, who’s the goody and who knows what. It goes on and on and they never give you that satisfying slam-bam conclusion you’ve been waiting for. Even if they do manage to get round to that before the show is cancelled, the plot is usually so twisted up that no amount of concluding will unravel it.

Half the satisfaction of watching, or reading, something is tied up in it’s ending. That’s why romances are so popular, readers love the twists and turns, oh yes, but they are only satisfied when the man sweeps the woman off her feet. The same goes for murder mysteries, I mean what kind of mystery would it be if it kept going on and on and the murderer was never found? A rubbish one, that’s what.

Plot Twists & Endings - Philippa Jane Keyworth - Regency Romance AuthorSo, that’s just what was on my mind today. I know I haven’t blogged in a while, and I should probably apologise but I shan’t. I know *gasp* and all that at the impoliteness, but the reason I haven’t been blogging is because I’ve been writing! And writing, in my book, constitutes a good excuse 😉

The cogs have been turning, the creative juices have been flowing and the light-blub has been flickering on intermittently. True, there have been a few moments of pen-stabbing-into-page-rage, but on the whole I have been thoroughly enjoying creating a new cast of characters and helping them negotiate the impossible situations I keep sending their way. In fact, I shall hopefully be able to share some of it with you in the near future.

That (hopefully) tantalising bit of carrot aside, from now on, all the time I write, I will be keeping this plot-twist issue in the back of my mind. I dislike over-the-top plot twists, and I love the eventual conclusion and that is something I shall strive for when writing my stories – a satisfying ending!

Thanks for swinging by and reading 😉


4 thoughts on “Plot twists that never stop coming…

  1. The programming has been so bad of late that I drive my wife crazy by editing as the show plays out. I’m getting pretty tired of this non-stop, edge-of-your-seat, don’t even trust you mother because she may be lying to you to protect you, no useful communication nonsense. Cutting edge, I’m told. Crap, I answer. And poor crap at that,

    I know 42 minutes is hardly enough time to tell a story, but I’ve seen far better written shows that are 40 years old. And don’t get me started on the mind-numbing incompetence of the characters. Ever watch episodes of Miami Vice? Point made.

    1. I haven’t watched Miami Vice but YES! I totally agree with the can’t-trust-your-mother-she-might-be-lying-to-you-to-protect-you story-lines. And it does mean that half the dialogue doesn’t even make sense!

      Whatever happened to kicking back and RELAXING to a TV program? Thanks for reading and commenting David.

      PJK x

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