Writing that second book…

Hello all,

I am back from the land of editing for a while and have thus been writing a few blog posts as well I should considering how I’ve neglected to it so!

Something randomly funny for you:

As an introduction back into blogging I thought I’d write about something I’ve recently realised. Since having my first book published I was very much under the impression that now I knew how it all went, I knew how to write a book, I was a genius and that was that!

Well, needless to say my bubble has been quite honestly stabbed to death. All of that irritating arrogance is slowly bleeding away and I am coming to realise that writing one book is totally different from writing another. Different things worked this time, different ways of writing, different ways of editing, and different ways of taking a break.

You see before, it was all a hobby. I didn’t know I would ever get published and I just pootled along at a steady pace, learning grammar as I went and re-writing my MS for The Widow’s Redeemer several times. With all that behind me, I though, ‘hey, I can get my second novel ready for publication in no time.’ And therein lies my error.

My new MS is also a Regency romance but the story and characters vary greatly from my first book. My heroine is impetuous, not thoughtful like Letty, and my storyline is filled with one funny scrape after another. Not only that, but now my mind-set is different, I am writing in the hope of getting published, not with the vague notion in the back of my mind somewhere. And so the hobby has become more like a job, it’s more structured; it requires steady, hard work.

A lot about this new book has been so different to the old, and the thing is, I reckon the same will happen with the next one. A few weeks ago I had all my old stories scattered around me in my lounge, trying to decide which one to work on next and now I realise that how I tackle the new one, will be different again from how I’ve tackled this one.

As a writer, although I don’t think of myself as an artist, I guess I do think of myself as creative, and creativity I have come to find, dislikes being stifled. With that in mind, I think I’m realising more and more that putting structure upon it stifles it.

This is a slight problem for me, as anyone who knows me will know that I am a planning, list-type person! But I am having to learn, writing for me can’t be put in a box, done a ‘certain way’ or be achieved through following a set of instructions or guidelines. Writing is constantly changing and growing and I need to learn to do the same.

I do like how that happened, y’know, how I get all big-headed and know-it-all-ish one minute, and God just taps me on the shoulder and brings me back down to earth the next 🙂


4 thoughts on “Writing that second book…

  1. I am the opposite. I find each book gets easier and easier to write because I’ve done it before. The first one was murder! I love writing. I know I’m not normal, lol. Just keep up the good work! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this with us. 😀

    1. That is so interesting Suzan and I am somewhat jealous 🙂 Hahaha!

      I guess in some ways my second was easier, there were things my editor pointed out to me last time which hopefully I was more on top of this time and did not require as much editing, but it was definitely a different experience to my first.

      Here’s to the third being easier like yours are!!!

      Thanks for reading my post, PJK x

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