The Widow’s Redeemer on Nook @ Barnes & Noble

Great news for all my American friends – The Widow’s Redeemer is now officially available on Nook, the Barnes & Noble eReader!

The Widow's Redeemer on Nook @ Barnes & Noble
The Widow’s Redeemer on Nook @ Barnes & Noble

It has been great to see my book become available to readers in paperback and on Kindle. I have loved reading the reviews, and for those people who I have met that have read the book, it’s been lovely to hear your thoughts on it.

Some of the most interesting thoughts I have heard from readers about The Widow’s Redeemer are those that talk about the peripheral characters. When writing the book I of course enjoyed writing all parts of it and liked all my characters, but never expected my readers to enjoy my side-line characters so much!

People have commented on how they liked Major Deveril and his funny, boyish charm. They have expressed how they would have liked to have seen more of him, and I can understand that as I really like him too!

People have also said, and much more surprisingly to me, that they liked Clarissa, Letty’s mother-in-law. Now that surprises me, not least because I didn’t think I had written her as a very loveable character! She’s rather comical because of her self-pitying moods and silly-nature, and to be honest, I’m not sure I like her in the beginning and perhaps that’s why I’m so surprised others do. Readers have consistently said how they find her funny and more than a surface-deep character. Perhaps it has something to do with her redemption near the end, because that’s what I think she has, like a mini-redemption of her own – though for those who haven’t read The Widow’s Redeemer, you’ll have to read it to find out more details on that score 😉

Anyway, I’m just chuffed to bits to say that The Widow’s Redeemer is now available on the Nook for $3.99 and I wish happy reading to all those who buy it. And, of course, write reviews – like I said, I just love to hear what my readers think about my book 🙂


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