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I have actually already done a short blog post about my next novel on this link here, plus you can read the first (very rough and I have already edited it much more in a word doc) chapter of it here.

I wrote a one-sentence synopsis of it a while ago:

Julia Rotherham must keep her younger sister out of trouble, fend off fortune hunters, pretend to be engaged and stop an elopement, all while keeping the man who jilted her at arms length  – but out of all her tasks, it’s keeping Wolversley at arms length that’s proving difficult…

But today, in about ten minutes, I decided to have a go at drafting a full-on blurb:

Julia Rotherham is a jilted woman. Her not-oustanding looks and the stigma attached to her have left her still single at four-and-twenty. Fortunately, Julia is not a wet-goose and she carries on well until chance brings her face to face with, Lucius Wolversley, her once betrothed. It’s six years on and Julia’s heart still hurts, but more importantly, so does her pride. A fake engagement is the beginning of her troubles but throw in two school-room chits, a gazetted fortune hunter, a proposed elopement and a once-betrothed who simply will not leave well alone, and you have the recipe for a rather delightful and scandalous, Regency Romance!

Now, that is a terribly rough blurb but still, I hope you get the point. I wrote the manuscript which is currently under the working title, Miss Rotherham, a year or so ago. Me being myself (and it is rather hard to be anyone else, however much I try), wrote it rather quick and it ended up riddled with plot-holes, grammatical errors and 40,000 words too short. Oh, how I love to write! But it’s okay, because that’s exactly what The Widow’s Redeemer looked liked before I had gone back to revise it.

Almack's - Regency Romance - Miss Rotherham - Philippa Jane Keyworth

I started to write Miss Rotherham because I wanted to write a funny and light-hearted Regency Romance, and I couldn’t get the image of a heroine who was so head-strong and impetuous that she got herself into one scrape after another, out of my head. Julia Rotherham and me share one thing in common which I mentioned in my last post, we are both proud (and that is NOT a good thing).

I really like Miss Rotherham and am liking her more as I begin revising my MS, as she is just rather funny. I’m hoping that as I add my 40,000 words or so, that I manage to add in a few more predicaments and scrapes for her to get caught in along with the rest of the cast of characters (I can’t write their names down here yet as I cannot decide I like them yet).

I have learnt a bit about revisions during the writing and publishing process for my debut novel. And I mean a bit…a really tiny little bit. I’ve learnt a little about spotting plot-holes, overusing favourite words (mine is ‘indeed’), smoothing out sentences and, indeed, most important of all, grammar. A good friend of mine once proof-read half of one of my manuscripts and before she had given it back to me, a package from Amazon arrived in the mail. I opened it to find a pocket sized Oxford book of grammar.

I got the hint.

Gaelic Grammar 1906 - Miss Rotherham - Regency Romance - Philippa Jane Keyworth
Gaelic Grammar book, pub. 1906

I am still awful at grammar as I’m sure my editor would tell you, but I have learnt a little bit. The speech was the worst of it. I asked people how grammar in speech worked and received several different answers. Each time I went through and revised all 80,000 words of my manuscript I would  realised I’d gotten it slightly wrong and had to do it all over again!

Hopefully my understanding of grammar is a little better now, if not perfect. Anyhow, I just wanted to give you a heads up on what I’m working on and, as I said in my last post, I’ll hopefully be writing a series of blog posts using the hints and tips from reviews of my first book on my manuscript of Miss Rotherham, showing how I’m using them to learn and shape my writing. I may even put snippets up for you guys to read (and hopefully enjoy) too!

Published by Philippa Jane Keyworth

Philippa Jane Keyworth, known to her friends as Pip, has been writing since she was twelve in every notebook she could find. Originally trained as a horse-riding instructor, Philippa went on to become a copywriter before beginning a degree in History. A born again Christian, Philippa lives in the south of England with her handsome husband. Philippa has always written stories and believes that, since it is one of her loves and passions, she always will. In her early writing career, she dabbled in a variety of genres, but it was the encouragement of a friend to watch a film adaptation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice that began her love affair with the British Regency. Since then, she has watched every Regency film and TV series she could get her hands on and become well acquainted with Georgette Heyer's novels which gave her the inspiration to write her own. Both as a reader and a writer, Philippa believes it is important to escape into a world you yourself would want to live in. This is why she writes stories that will draw you into the characters' joys and heartaches in a world apart from our own. Her debut novel, The Widow's Redeemer (Madison Street Publishing, 2012), is a traditional Regency romance bringing to life the romance between a young widow with an indomitable spirit and a wealthy viscount with an unsavory reputation. The novel has been received well by readers and reviewers who have praised the heartfelt story and admirable characters. Her second novel, The Unexpected Earl (Madison Street Publishing, 2014), explores another romance in the Regency era when an impetuous young woman has her life turned upside down by the reappearance of the earl who jilted her six years ago. So, what are you waiting for? Get swept away into another time with characters you will learn to love, and experience the British Regency like never before.

6 thoughts on “My Next Novel

  1. I just came across your book and website through amazon. I look forward to reading The Widow’s Redeemer.

    Your next novel sounds very interesting.

    1. Hi Janella,

      Thank you for finding my blog and stopping-by! I really hope you enjoy The Widow’s Redeemer – I loved writing it. I’m also glad that Miss Rotherham sounds interesting to you, I still have quite a bit of editing to do (which I will be doing this morning with a large cup of coffee in hand 😉 ). PJK x

  2. Hi Phillipa,
    I have loved historical fiction since I learned to read, especially Regency ala Georgette Heyer, I have just ordered your book from Amazon,your next book sounds very interesting as you have any idea when it will be published? I relise you are still in the editing stage!Good luck with it all .
    Best wishes Carol

    1. Hi Carol,

      That’s so great that you’ve order my book – I really hope you enjoy it. And thank you for your words about my next book, very kind! I’m not sure when it will be published yet – sorry, but I will be sure to keep updated info about it on my blog 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by and come by again!

      PJK x

    1. Hi Anne, no I don’t have an expected publication date. I’m working on the manuscript at the moment on my first edit and after its ready I’ll seek publication for it. I’m hoping it’ll be ready by the end of the summer but you never quite know with writing 😉 PJK x

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