A Regency Hero’s Best Friend – Major Deveril

‘What a Jolly, good old fellow!’

Now, where would we all be without a best friend at our side to laugh with and, when we’re being rather silly, to cuff us around the ear?

You have already met The Widow’s Redeemer hero, Viscount Beauford, and today, I’d like to introduce you to his best-mate. Now, I don’t know if you’ll be able to imagine this with me, but, y’know the sort of people who are just good fun, a laugh, always know how to make you smile, bring you down to earth when you’re being a prat and, in quite a delightful way, shut-up when there is simply nothing to say?

The truth is, I’m not quite sure how Viscount Beauford would survive without the Major around. The man is a brilliant sport and is quite literally brilliant AT sport being a jolly good partner for sparring at Jackson’s and so forth. Now that I have described this man sufficiently to you, would you like to meet him?

“But see here, Mrs. Burton.” He pulled her with a definite strength towards the side of the path and pointed out a bee. It was feasting itself on a large rose, only its furry tail in view from between the velvet petals. Major Deveril shook the stem of the rose a little and the insect flew off, bobbing here and there. “Behold, the humble worker bee, following the rules of the world into which it was born. Here it is fetching nectar but, although he must go to and from the hive, he can choose his own way in between. So in this life Mrs. Burton, though we must follow the rules of Society, we can at least enjoy this little freedom we have, do you not think?” His green eyes locked onto her face and filled with the light of mischievous humor.

Letty could not help but let a small smile embrace her lips again. “Indeed, Major? You must educate me—how does one enjoy oneself in Town? Especially when there are only rules to follow?” His words had hit almost too close to the truth, but they intrigued her.

“Quite simply, Mrs. Burton, you must become an observer, or, a watcher of people, if you will. Learn to laugh at the many rules Society puts upon us and amuse yourself with watching others obey every fickle dictate of fashion. For instance, that hat.” He pointed discreetly to a very fashionable lady’s hat, made of bronzed silk and sporting a steep cylindrical bonnet with large feathers to complete the extravagance. “You could indeed praise that lady on her sense of fashion, or, if your nature is of a meaner sort, you could easily be envious of her. I choose however to think upon the similarities that the hat has to a flowerpot. You see she is more a slave to Society than we are as she has resorted to the wearing of garden-like millinery upon her head.”

The Major is such a laugh and I really hope you will like his jovial character as much as I do when you read The Widow’s Redeemer.

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