A Regency Hero: Viscount Beauford

            ‘It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a lady of the 21st Century loves a Regency gentleman.’

Wait, do I have that wrong? That was what Austen said wasn’t it? Or something along those lines?

Anyway, whether or whether not the eminent Jane Austen did say that, I can at least rest assured in the fact that it’s true. I mean, who can say no to a gentleman, yes, that’s right, you don’t get a lot of them about these days do you? I mean the, open-the-door-for-you types or the give-up-their-seat-for-you ones.

Secondly, a Regency gentleman knew how to dress. None of this effeminate low-v-neck high-street stuff. Nope. He’d be wearing a lovely pair of buck-skin breeches, mud spattered after a gallop across the country-side. Of course, the fact that he wore manly clothes did not mean he was not stylish. Oh no, quite the opposite, for a Regency gentleman who was following in Brummel’s footsteps would wear only the best-made jackets, probably by Weston, which would fit his athletic shoulders delightfully.

Regency Gentleman Hero - Viscount Beauford - Philippa Jane Keyworth Author

And thirdly, when he was not spending time managing his large fortune or vast estate, you could find him in Town at the most fashionable clubs, dancing at Almack’s to please his stiff elderly relatives and doing a few rounds under Gentleman Jackson’s expert boxing tutalege. Am I being stereotypically inaccurate?

No, surely not…I shall carry on oblivious whatever the case, for you see, the reason I am chatting about a Regency hero to you all, is because I want to introduce mine ahead of my book’s release!

Yes, that’s right, I am introducing you to Viscount Beauford, a most dashing gentleman who I not only enjoyed writing but have also gone a bit dippy over. As we shall see, when my heroine Letty meets him for the first time, ‘dippy’ is not quite her reaction, but perhaps that has something to do with that pesky etiquette we were talking about last week, after all, Viscount Beauford’s reaction to her colliding with him isn’t exactly….gentlemanly:

Books took flight as though given life, their covers flapping like wings. A tall gentleman was knocked back into the doorway only just managing to maintain his balance.

“Oh, I am so dreadfully sorry!” Bending down with no care for clean skirts, Letty retrieved as many books as possible—until her frantically scrambling hand brushed the hand of the gentleman in question. She flinched, her arm jolting away from the contact.

“Lady, you are a curse!”

She directed her anxious eyes to his face. “I do beg your pardon, sir.” Her voice wavered as her eyes came into contact with his. They were dark under the brim of his tall hat and singularly peeved. He stared directly into her eyes for a second and then rose.

As they both stood up straight, she found herself dwarfed by his size. The top of her head was confronted by a cravat, the perfect example of a Gordian knot. A crisp white shirt, a silk waistcoat, and a stunning blue coat that expertly followed the lines of his figure accompanied the carefully folded linen.

“Out of my way, if you please!” The tall man did not bother to bow; he snatched the offered books from her frozen hands and strode off without a backward glance.

What a first meeting!


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