History Is Boring

My last post contained the announcement that my Regency Romance, The Debtor’s Redeemer, is getting published and will be available later in 2012! Woop!

So, history is boring. Now, I don’t mean to be mean but whenever someone says that to me I think,

HOW!!!!! Are you insane? Do you not know anything? Have you ever learned any history? Philistine! Heathen!

Then again, if you were inflicted with a tedius teacher, then I am not surprised.

History is Boring - Philippa Jane Keyworth - Regency Romance Author
What a boring teacher does to you…

If you are one of these people who thinks history is boring I want to challenge you. How can you think of something which contains the following things as boring? :

  1. Murder
  2. Love
  3. Wealth
  4. Incest
  5. Conspiracy
  6. Swords
  7. Guns
  8. Catapults
  9. Horses
  10. Beautiful Women
  11. Handsome Men
  12. Villians
  13. Heros
  14. Heroines
  15. Outlaws
  16. In-laws
  17. Bandits
  18. Thieves
  19. Soldiers
  20. Warriors
  21. Mansions
  22. Palaces
  23. Kings
  24. Queens
  25. Princesses
  26. Princes
  27. Dukes, Duchesses, Earls, Countesses etc
  28. Sex
  29. Military Coups
  30. Usurpation
  31. Innovation
  32. Renaissances
  33. Industrial Revolutions
  34. Social Revolutions
  35. And most of all, ordinary people like you and me who shaped how we live, love and die today.

Does that challenge you? It should. I’m not just talking about sitting down and reading a history textbook from your old school. No, that probably is a little boring 😉 One of my favourite ways to learn about history (and the historians will be tutting at me in a few moments) is by watching movies! My favourite movie it ‘Gladiator’ – Undisputed best film ever made.

History is Boring - Philippa Jane Keyworth - Regency Romance Author
Gladiator is the, undisputed, best film ever…

Better than the broad history topics I listed above however, and what interests me most about history, are those little qwerky stories you find.

For instance, did you know that two princes were murdered and stuffed into a wall cavity in the Tower of London? When they were found no one was sure who they were and it’s still a mystery as to who killed them though some people like to believe it was ‘evil’ King Richard III.

History is Boring - Philippa Jane Keyworth - Regency Romance Author
The Princes in the Tower

Did you know that the term Eaves-Dropping comes from the time of King Henry VIII (yeah, the one with six wives)? He had little faces carved into the eaves of his banquet hall so that they would look down on the courtiers. The idea was that they would feel like the King was always watching them and it would stop plotting and conspiring…

History is Boring - Philippa Jane Keyworth - Regency Romance Author
You know you are guilty of doing exactly this…

Did you know that Winston Churchill, one of the greatest leaders of this country, left school with a poor academic record and only made it into the army on his third attempt to pass the entrance exams?

Did you know the shortest war on record was fought between Zanzibar and England in 1896? 38 minutes was all it took for Zanzibar to surrender.

Did you know Beethoven, was told by a music teacher that he had no talent for music. In fact, this teacher once remarked, “As a composer he is hopeless.” WhaaaaaT???

Did you know that Prince George was Regent of England for the 9 years between 1811-1820, known famously as the Regency period? He was also a very unpopular Sovereign due to his dissolute ways and disliked his wife so intensely he forbade her from coming to his coronation!

History is Boring - Philippa Jane Keyworth - Regency Romance Author
Fat Prinny George!

Did you know that Queen Victoria, who is England’s longest reigning monarch and who was ruler of the British Empire when Britain ruled a third of the globe, was so much in love with her husband Prince Albert that when he died she wore widow’s blacks for the remainder of her life and commanded that all railings in London be painted black?

History is Boring - Philippa Jane Keyworth - Regency Romance Author
Queen Victoria

Even better than that, I found out recently that according to one of Queen Victoria’s biographers, Giles St Aubyn, Victoria wrote an average of 2500 words a day during her adult life. She wrote detailed journals spanning from July 1832 until just before her death, and these journals eventually totalled 122 volumes! (I shall try and write that much!)

These are just a few fascinating historical facts and I challenge you to say they are not interesting!

Now, you may understand, if only a little, why I like writing novels set in the past 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this.

Philippa Jane Keyworth – Author

Published by Philippa Jane Keyworth

Philippa Jane Keyworth, known to her friends as Pip, has been writing since she was twelve in every notebook she could find. Originally trained as a horse-riding instructor, Philippa went on to become a copywriter before beginning a degree in History. A born again Christian, Philippa lives in the south of England with her handsome husband. Philippa has always written stories and believes that, since it is one of her loves and passions, she always will. In her early writing career, she dabbled in a variety of genres, but it was the encouragement of a friend to watch a film adaptation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice that began her love affair with the British Regency. Since then, she has watched every Regency film and TV series she could get her hands on and become well acquainted with Georgette Heyer's novels which gave her the inspiration to write her own. Both as a reader and a writer, Philippa believes it is important to escape into a world you yourself would want to live in. This is why she writes stories that will draw you into the characters' joys and heartaches in a world apart from our own. Her debut novel, The Widow's Redeemer (Madison Street Publishing, 2012), is a traditional Regency romance bringing to life the romance between a young widow with an indomitable spirit and a wealthy viscount with an unsavory reputation. The novel has been received well by readers and reviewers who have praised the heartfelt story and admirable characters. Her second novel, The Unexpected Earl (Madison Street Publishing, 2014), explores another romance in the Regency era when an impetuous young woman has her life turned upside down by the reappearance of the earl who jilted her six years ago. So, what are you waiting for? Get swept away into another time with characters you will learn to love, and experience the British Regency like never before.

6 thoughts on “History Is Boring

  1. HATE IT!!

    Well – I used to. British Political History ‘O’ level in a year. US Political History in a another year. Passed both and swore if I anyone ever mentioned another Act or Bill or even a date of same I’d commit a criminal act upon the perpetrator.

    But that was forty years ago… 😉

    1. Hahaha! There are more…shall I say, drier, parts of history. I really didn’t enjoy it in my final year at college because the lecturer I had was so painfully dull, I think teachers really do make a difference on how we view subjects!

  2. Very good post! As I just mentioned on Facebook, I was the only one of my friends (we were the ‘in’ crowd) doing O Level History. A trip to Hatfield House had me so excited and yet I had to act so cool! To my friends it was a day away from school, a chance to eye up boys from other schools and to be as vain as possible. To me it was to touch old brick, drool over the guide booklet and stare in awe at Elizabeth I’s tiny gloves! Never boring 😉

    1. Ah, yes, the times when we had to act ‘cool’, I have to be honest, I by-passed that phase of life a little bit which is why I am known as a MASSIVE GEEK. I am happy with that title however, and every now and then I get my cool out just to prove I’m not a total boffin!

      Thanks for reading and I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

      P x

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