New MSP Author – Philippa Jane Keyworth

I have re-blogged this from my publishers website as it’s such good news!

Madison Street Publishing

Madison Street Publishing is pleased to announce that we have signed a contract with Philippa Jane Keyworth to publish her Regency romance novel The Debtor’s Redeemer. The release date for the novel has not yet been set, but we anticipate launching the book sometime in 2012.

Known to her friends as Pip, Philippa has been writing ever since she was twelve years old in every notebook she could find. Her faith in Jesus gives her the inspiration and desire to write, and her interests in reading, history, and horse-riding have motivated her to craft Regency romances. You can find out more about Philippa by going to her blog, checking out her Facebook page, or following her on Twitter.

UPDATE: The title of Philippa Jane Keyworth’s book has been changed to The Widow’s Redeemer and the release date has been set for December 1, 2012.  (9/17/12)

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