I HATE them – Plot Devices Pt 3

So, I should have written, ‘I LOVE them’ in the title of this post but I thought it sounded too sappy. People are negative beings after all and I bet half of you clicked on this just to find out who I hatedShame on you!


Anyway, I was writing today and thought about another plot device. As a writer you need to fall in love with your characters, only when you love them will others do the same. It counts the same for villains, which is where I guess the title of this blog comes in (yes, that’s right, it went from obsolete to slyly apt), you have to hate your villain in order for your readers to hate them!

I was thinking about this when I was writing today and, quite by accident, fell in love with one of my sideline characters……oh, the conundrum….. see if you can tell why:

“…What’s that you have there?” The naive Mr. Lyndham peered into the Duke’s substantially larger glass.

“A fine port. Mason always stocks the best.”

“Shame on you, Rutland.” A new and decidedly cynical voice joined the conversation. “I had it on your good authority, when you dined with me last week, that my port was the best in London.”

The man who had joined the conversation was a broad, towering gentleman who lounged back from his hips and held a quizzing glass directed at the Duke of Rutland.

“Weston again? I would have thought on my last recognising of his work, you would have bethought yourself to tell your tailor to take more care.”

“How remiss of me.” replied Rutland, to this scathing speech, without the smallest sound of remorse colouring his words and a faint smile of amusement hovering over his lips.

“Indeed,” The man turned his glass on Mr. Lyndham who, unused to this particular gentleman’s idiosyncrasies, coloured from the tips of his shirt points to the roots of his hair. “And, this must be your charge?”

Mr. Lyndham, feeling impetuous and in need of proving himself thanks to the dreadful feeling of self-consciousness, thrust his hand forward.

“William Lyndham, sir, son of Captain Lyndham.”

The tall gentleman looked at his hand but did not take it. “My lord.”

“Pardon?” asked William, colouring again and now unsure of whether to retract his snubbed hand or not.

“I am a lord, so I am referred to as, my lord, not some poxy sir.”

“Carey, have pity.” said Rutland, coming to Mr. Lyndham’s aid.

“Well, Rutland, do your duty.”

“Very well, Lord Carey, may I present, Mr. Lyndham.”

William was about to offer his hand again.

“I am afraid, my Lord Carey does not shake anyone’s hand, Mr. Lyndham.”

“Indeed?” he said, angry to be made a fool.

“There is nothing I detest more than clasping the hand of a sweaty gentleman, whether he be my dearest relation or the Prince Regent himself.” offered Carey, now dropping his quizzing glass on its riband and smoothing a lapel.

You guessed it…. I fell in love with Lord Carey. What a hoot! Now, as most writer’s will find with their uncontrollable characters, he is barging his way, most domineeringly, into the rest of my novel…..

P.s. My characters are all fictional.

Philippa Jane Keyworth – Author


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