I Am Furious!

Yes, I am. Oh, my goodness! I realise I am about to embark on something which is exactly what I am furious about, but I need to rant and that’s that!

Baddy Characterisation In Writing - Philippa Keyworth - Author
Hilarious – I typed in furious into Google and it came up with loads of women draped on cars…..what a joke

I have been online quite a bit recently, reading forums and postings on Google+ and Facebook in my personal life and I am starting to get a little upset. The reason I’m getting upset is because there are so many people out there who just want to argue, just want to give an opinion, who just won’t SHUT UP! (I am NOT talking about those adding valuable debate points to a discussion – that is entirely different and entirely valid)

You might know what I mean. When you see someone post something which could be taken controversially and some person somewhere who has a little too much time on their hands has decided to reply in a pompous way to the thread JUST BECAUSE.

There are three character traits I’ve noticed in these internet people:

1. Arrogance

2. Cowardice

3. Incorrect use of the English language

Arrogance because they think they know better than anyone and they will keep posting things regardless of whether or not they’re wrong and even to the pain of others – being cruel willy nilly.

Cowardice because they clearly only moan, grump and are completely rude online because they don’t have to say it to someone’s face.

People these days just don’t understand English or grammar that well. Let me just stress here, that I am by no means perfect, for instance did I need those two commas I just put in? Have you already spotted some previous mistakes? I know my mum probably has….Who knows. However, I do have a basic understanding of the English language and so many of these internet grumps DO NOT!

I read a great one the other day. Someone who felt overworked wrote, ‘I’m fed up of being everyone’s jockey.’ My eyebrows shot up and I felt a smirking grin taking over my lips.

Baddy Characterisation In Writing - Philippa Keyworth - Author
An ACTUAL jockey NOT a lackey

They meant ‘lackey’ – What a moron.

You know what? Most of the time I can abide it but recently I have clearly been reading forums too much and need to remember there are many valuable contributors to the internet. In fact, in a way these annoying morons have helped me. Yes, you heard that right too. The burning fury in my stomach has begun to subside a little and as the dust settles I realise that the three characteristics I have pointed out add up to the characteristics of a baddy (is there another name for them? Any ideas?) in a novel.

Baddy Characterisation In Writing - Philippa Keyworth - Author
Typical baddy – I thought they all had moustaches….!?!

(Perhaps not the lack of grammar/English knowledge although that is an evil which I am currently trying to rectify in myself.)

You can learn in writing through everything in life and I have just learnt about characterisation.

Perhaps there are things which you despise in human character? Those are the things which you want to personify in your novel’s baddies:

1st Identify them

2nd Allow them to be the bedrock of your baddy’s being

And 3rd Let them be the stem from which all the character’s other actions flow.

So, what are you waiting for? Get thinking, get jotting down of those character traits and get WRITING!


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