I Killed a Basil Plant

I bought a basil plant from the supermarket the other day….

Healthy Basil Plant - Philippa Keyworth - Author
Basil -Author Fastily (Talk)

….and managed within a few days to kill the poor thing. Yes, your right, I am a murderer. I over watered it, kept it warm and in the sun and guess what I got back? Shrivelled leaves….

hmmmm….not ideal for the Italian dish.

I think it’s easy to do that to your writing (or at least mine). You can kill off that bit of passion for that specific bit of writing by sitting on it for too long and thinking about it too much – yep, that’s right – Stop thinking!

I guess the perception of writers is that they are thinkers that put what they are thinking about down on paper. Well in my case that’s not me (perhaps that’s why I’m no published yet ;-). I consider being a writer is more of being a feeler. If I was to write what was I was thinking I swear it would come out in a tumble jumble of words without much structure because it’s not really thoughts but more feelings about what I want to write.

You know that motto – ‘Stop, Look, Listen, Cross’ ?

Well, my writing motto is – ‘Don’t stop, Don’t look for too long, Don’t listen to others and Most certainly cross out all the rubbish you write but only after you’ve got to the end.’

Like it?


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