The BEST Blog Ever…..Oh, wait, that was someone elses

I am not eloquent. I dislike syrupy blogs which drip with niceties. I am not particularly well-read. I have an inability to stay in a consistent blogging mood or style. I am not full of fluffy bunny stories about my life – I prefer comedy and grumpiness. I make no promises to transform your thinking. I make no promises to better you life through this writing. Some people don’t like me….nor my blogging. And I am sarcastic.

And oh, yes – I AM BACK!

HAAALLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I have missed you all (That was not a syrupy nicety….I promise). It’s been a long time since I was blogging and I have taken the time to reflect….better my life….become a new person……PAH! What rubbish! Though I did do a little reflection on blogging and writing and such which was rather good for me I think.

I came out with a few main points (yeah, I like lists…want to fight over it? ….me neither):

  1. I want to write a little less words in the blogs so I don’t bore you lot to death or some other incapacitated state.
  2. I want more pictures! Pictures make things ‘Such Fun!’ As Miranda’s mum would say.
  3. I want to only write stuff that is hopefully at least mildly interesting (not all guaranteed).
  4. And have fun 😉

So, that sound good? Oh! And how rude of me – How are you lot? Anyone still there? I may well have driven you all away with my hermitising…I shall stop this rambling now.

Yeah, I thought that one was funny too, I can’t believe what I look like with no make-up on…..


(I said peace because I’m cool……..)

Published by Philippa Jane Keyworth

Philippa Jane Keyworth, known to her friends as Pip, has been writing since she was twelve in every notebook she could find. Originally trained as a horse-riding instructor, Philippa went on to become a copywriter before beginning a degree in History. A born again Christian, Philippa lives in the south of England with her handsome husband. Philippa has always written stories and believes that, since it is one of her loves and passions, she always will. In her early writing career, she dabbled in a variety of genres, but it was the encouragement of a friend to watch a film adaptation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice that began her love affair with the British Regency. Since then, she has watched every Regency film and TV series she could get her hands on and become well acquainted with Georgette Heyer's novels which gave her the inspiration to write her own. Both as a reader and a writer, Philippa believes it is important to escape into a world you yourself would want to live in. This is why she writes stories that will draw you into the characters' joys and heartaches in a world apart from our own. Her debut novel, The Widow's Redeemer (Madison Street Publishing, 2012), is a traditional Regency romance bringing to life the romance between a young widow with an indomitable spirit and a wealthy viscount with an unsavory reputation. The novel has been received well by readers and reviewers who have praised the heartfelt story and admirable characters. Her second novel, The Unexpected Earl (Madison Street Publishing, 2014), explores another romance in the Regency era when an impetuous young woman has her life turned upside down by the reappearance of the earl who jilted her six years ago. So, what are you waiting for? Get swept away into another time with characters you will learn to love, and experience the British Regency like never before.

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