The BEST Blog Ever…..Oh, wait, that was someone elses

I am not eloquent. I dislike syrupy blogs which drip with niceties. I am not particularly well-read. I have an inability to stay in a consistent blogging mood or style. I am not full of fluffy bunny stories about my life – I prefer comedy and grumpiness. I make no promises to transform your thinking. I make no promises to better you life through this writing. Some people don’t like me….nor my blogging. And I am sarcastic.

And oh, yes – I AM BACK!

HAAALLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I have missed you all (That was not a syrupy nicety….I promise). It’s been a long time since I was blogging and I have taken the time to reflect….better my life….become a new person……PAH! What rubbish! Though I did do a little reflection on blogging and writing and such which was rather good for me I think.

I came out with a few main points (yeah, I like lists…want to fight over it? ….me neither):

  1. I want to write a little less words in the blogs so I don’t bore you lot to death or some other incapacitated state.
  2. I want more pictures! Pictures make things ‘Such Fun!’ As Miranda’s mum would say.
  3. I want to only write stuff that is hopefully at least mildly interesting (not all guaranteed).
  4. And have fun 😉

So, that sound good? Oh! And how rude of me – How are you lot? Anyone still there? I may well have driven you all away with my hermitising…I shall stop this rambling now.

Yeah, I thought that one was funny too, I can’t believe what I look like with no make-up on…..


(I said peace because I’m cool……..)


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