Mega Showdown! Geek Identity Versus Rebel Identity!

So I have been thinking, that is correct, thinking. I know that most of you are now reading this with a slightly worried feeling building in your stomachs, with maybe the realisation that I am going to do a Pip. Well anyway, as I was saying, I’ve been thinking about identity.

You see it really hit me the other day when I was listening to some random song (I listen to music all day at work), and it was by some artist who was going on a bit of a rampage after getting dumped or something like that (probably Beyonce thinking about it 😉 and it was filled with angry lyrics and notes.

And I sort of started thinking about what music artists sing about and who they sing about and saw that most of them stereotype themselves (therefore us as most of us think about ourselves when listening to songs), into a certain image, mindset or personality. Artists like Rihanna singing ‘Hard’ all about how she’s a rock hard woman with an unbelievably feminine body (yes, we all hate her a little…jokes), and so the stereotype is being someone who is hard:

Someone who is hard is an impermeable rock, they don’t show their feelings, they are fearless, they take everything on, even the world. I myself have tried to be ‘hard’ on occasion and found myself quit unfit for the task (yeah, so that sentence proves it). I cannot keep my face straight, I cry too easily, most things scare me and I would like to take on tomorrow before I take on the world.

Other artists (who I have now seen perform live at the O2 woop!), sing about geeks –

And many of us think of ourselves as geeks, others sing about being heart broken and we all try to be as broody and stand offish as possible, (thinking of course that we look cooler). Maybe we classfy ourselves as smart and therefore higher than the rest of those plebians, maybe we consider ourself common, maybe not, maybe we are a rocker and love Kings Of Leon (who rock by the way), or we’re a rebel and always get into trouble.

Whatever we have decided we are, there are 3 things I have found:

1. I put myself into a box and don’t give my character any wiggle room.

2. I tend to switch, one day I’m broody and then when I want to talk I become the chatty geek.

3. It’s confusing, pressurising and WRONG.

It’s wrong because you know what I think, not in a cheesy way but, we’re all a little bit geeky, some more than others i.e. me, we’re all a little broody from time to time, and we all have that rebel spirit which makes us want to steal that sign we’ve been told not to and run when we get told off by security! (An allusion to all of those who I camped with this weekend).

Something I’ve realised from the camping weekend is that artists, the media, TV and movies put us into stereotype boxes. Heck, even we do it to each other! Something I’ve realised is not to be afraid of being who you are, no matter how many things that entails, and the way that I’m learning, (learning being the stressed word here!) is through God. You know what? He made me so he already knows me, no nasty surprises for him like there are for my husband…hahaha! God loves us as we are and the more I’m learning to stand on that (which is hard), the more comfortable I’m feeling in my own skin, the more relaxed I’m feeling. And as life has that qwuerky habit of getting more complicated with everyday, at least that is one less thing!

P x


5 thoughts on “Mega Showdown! Geek Identity Versus Rebel Identity!

  1. Strangely I was having the same thought yesterday when listening to the radio – so many songs about sex in an aggresive way…… ‘chains and whips excite me, etc. etc.’ and people kidding themselves they are something they are not, and then giving Joe Public an inferior feeling for not being like that. So confusing. If you want to know about sex don’t listen to pop songs, read Song of Songs.
    And by the way, which verson of ‘broody’ are you referring to?
    Dictionary says:
    1. eager or anxious to have a baby
    2.showing deep thought, anxiety, or resentment
    3.describes a hen that is ready to sit on eggs to keep them warm before they hatch, especially a hen that is no longer able to lay eggs

    My money’s on #2.

    BTW – quirky

    You loving pedantic mum xxxxxxx

  2. ok i dont normally look at your blog or whatever but i did today and i thought i should say this …….in that music video when the ladies come and start dancing with the fat geek did you know one of them is taylor swift ? crazy stuff
    eli xoxo

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