Back in the Blogging Saddle…

Well, if I cannot be in the actual saddle on a horse’s back then I should at least write something relating in a mild and tepidly amusing way to horses!

It feels good to be back on the blogging scene after an Anniversary (woop!), a holiday to Cornwall, two birthdays, a Christian Conference, a birthday party (in The Only Way Is Essex theme) and moving house. It’s been such a crazy time and I’ve been looking at my MS just sat on the side chilling and getting so frustrated that I couldn’t sit down and work on it!

I feel it has been too long, and I was almost afraid, when I looked back  at the last awful blog I wrote, that I would not be able to write something better to erase it from all memory. But then, is it neccessary?

I have started reading a really interesting book I got for my birthday called ‘The Creative Writing Coursebook’ (thank you Abi Bettle!), and I just read a section of it this lunch time in front of the library on a gusty, grey day. It was really rather chilly actually but I seem to have an obsession at the moment with grey, overcast days because of their innate bleakness and the passionate emotions they seem to show, it’s like the weather is upset or in a tantrum, and I just find that it makes me unbelievable inspired to write!

Anyway, I was reading this book and this rather clever man called Paul Magrs (well he seems clever at the moment), was writing about writers and how many cannot remember when they first started writing stories or poems, about how they remember when they first showed it to someone or started writing ‘properly’ and there I was wandering rather dangerously along the streets of Chichester, my head buried in the pages of a book and nodding along quite merrily as I agreed and found similarities with myself.  So, after avoiding some human and car traffic which was for some reason getting in my way when I wasn’t looking, I read a section on how sometimes you have to write rubbish en route to writing something good.

This is something I have found time and again, even blogged about and here I was acting like it was some revelation! But there was something which did strike a chord with me, especially as I am now on the fourth revision of Letty thanks to some helpful advice from M.M. Bennetts and a great deal of needed encouragement from my Daddy. I’ll quote what I liked so much:

But you have to remind yourself – you have to be told – that these first lines (of a novel) were most probably not what the author first wrote

And it’s so true, you should see the first revision of ‘Letty’, it’s covered in red pen, pencil, black biro (pretty much anything I could get my hands on), and it’s just a beautiful mess of paper. A beautiful mess because I can see it improving, even if it looks worse! I can see it growing!

So, to all of you who are writing, starting to write, revising manuscripts –

Keep Calm and Carry On!

It has been lovely to blog on my lunch break, but I really must work now. I hope you have enjoyed the return to normal blogging topics and that writers have been encouraged!!!

P x


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