Forget Celebrities and bring on LIFE

Right, I feel this is an issue which is close to my heart, and I don’t mean that in a loving way. No, I mean that in a, if you were here in this room I would be shouting my point, kind of way.

I was discussing how much I dislike certain celebrities who are famous for being annoying, shallow, superficially pretty or just simply for nothing. And, I was discussing reality tv programmes and the fascination they hold over people. It is a little too often that I see people watching, ‘My Sweet 16′, or ‘Teenage Mum’, or even ‘The Only Way is Essex.’

Sure these programmes provide a basic kind of entertainment, but even I (who own almost all the seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer) know that when I sit and watch this, quite frankly, rubbish on telly that I am wasting my life.

I mean, who gives a monkey’s uncle about some spoilt brat in America who got a more expensive car for their birthday than I will ever even have a ride in? And for goodness sake, have I really been watching those Essex idiots chat about having botox and who’s shagged who?

Come on people, let’s get a flipping grip shall we?????!!!!!?????!!!!!!

How many of us sit and chew a pen in the office while thinking of all the things we’d like to do? How many of us writers sit and think we’d like to be published if only we’d get our arses in gear? How many of us look with longing at other’s holiday photos and wish we would start saving to take that trip we’ve always wanted to go on?

Well I’ll tell you what, I have sat and watched reality TV for too long. For too long have I been the viewer of some jumped up TV character’s life and not living my own.

Don’t for a minute take my meaning wrong and throw your tele out the window and massacre your entire DVD collection, just try to catch what I’m saying – don’t waste the only life you’ve got, on things that are as insignificant as the dust on the door frame.

Now is the time to get up and run; to grab life by the horns and take it on. No matter what age you are, the next thing I’m going to say is important:

Live Life.


5 thoughts on “Forget Celebrities and bring on LIFE

  1. Is that Ben Stiller grabbing that bull?
    Love the post Pip – growing up without a TV licence has it’s advantages, don’t you think?

  2. Most definitely true! I ditched the cable earlier this year, now only have netflix and dvds, and am much happier. I choose to watch something…then it’s over…and I go back to life! TV sucks you in…and you’re right, life is much more worth devoting time to than lame “reality” TV.

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