New Job, Old Story & Little Time.


God has been good, God is always good, God will continue being good! 

I was offered a job today at a local riding stables and I was pretty much bouncing off the walls with excitement after I accepted it.

There are three good things about this:

1. Answer to prayer.

2. Steady Pay.

3. It involves popoes! (That is my Dad’s word for ponies).

Then I was thinking about how I haven’t got my story finished to submit and I’ve really been kicking myself about it but let’s be honest – If you’re not working much and getting those ideas, frustrations, joys and experiences from work then your writing will suffer and my has come to a somewhat grinding halt!

I had really been beating myself up about it and feeling bad even when I decided to have a break from writing last week but now I have realised it really isn’t my fault. After all if I was to squeeze out writing when I’m not passionate about it, it’s not going to turn out any good anyway!

However, the other side to this is that now I have a job that if full-time hours I won’t have a lot of time to write, that means that in the months notice I’ve given to my two part time jobs I’m gong to have to use my free time ever-so effectively to get my story done – can I hear cheering on?

Well I should damn it! Goodness me I’ve got a lot to do and not nearly enough time to do it in – Checklist:

1. Finish the last few chapter corrections.

2. Skim read the whole for a quick check.

3. Write an amazing query letter.

4. Write a snappy and grabbing synopsis.

5. Research and find out the publishers I want to submit to.

6. Submit and wait!!!

Six whole things to do – holy moly now I’m panicking.

By Philippa Keyworth

p.s. Then again I feel that my dried up creative juices will begin flowing again once I’m working more – there’s never a dull moment with horses.

p.p.s. I am in no way resenting the job – God has really answered our prayers!

p.p.p.s. I made the mega short slide show to show (hehe I used the word twice) the things that I’m hoping will inspire me for my stories, I’m torn between sticking with historical or going back to fantasy….conundrums


7 thoughts on “New Job, Old Story & Little Time.

  1. Nice! Congrats on the job–God truly does watch out for us 🙂 And working with horses is sure to spark some creative energy–I find that tactile work, getting my hands dirty, and exerting myself in physical ways tends to jumpstart my creative process!

    Best of luck with your checklist of Stuff to Do!

    1. Haha, my check list is so long and ongoing – it will only be finished when I die – maybe not even then. So looking forward to being with the horses though – and a jump-start to my writing is what I need!

  2. what you know another rowena? hah. how selfish of me to comment about myself straight away. sooo excited for your new job. if you need to borrow the car just let me know! love love love

    Rooo:) best friend right!

  3. Yay, Pip! I’m excited for you. What a fun job! But you WILL find time to write. You will. I once heard someone say they were more productive in the two hours they had a day when they were working than in the eight hours they had when they weren’t. (Maybe you won’t get that much, but hey…anything is better than nothing.) But the difference is that you spend your working time processing and your writing time actually writing, rather than checking Facebook and email and staring out the window. Perseverance is what it takes. I hate that word, but it’s true.

    Your job will probably help you be more creative.

    1. Y’know that is what I’m hoping, I find that when I can’t write I want to write all the more and therefore am better when I get those two hours you talked about! I just need to say repeatedly in my head – ‘I WILL find time, I WILL Persevere!’

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