Get off your fat butt!!!

I have been mulling over in my head for ages the knowledge – “I need to write another blog

It has been haunting me like a big fat ghost, making me feel guilty every time I sit down to do something else. (Like watch ‘Cougar Town‘ which is well funny). And today when I got home from a half day at work I just said to myself:

Do it now! You know you won’t otherwise Lazy Bones!

It got me to thinking about how apathy has become a part of my life recently and indeed has been plaguing society for centuries but, I feel, never more than now.

There are a few reasons for this:

1. Ourselves

Okay so it is like built into human beings to be lazy, I cannot tell you how many times me husband has been sat next to me on the sofa and I ask him to get me a drink, the conversation goes a little like this:

“Honey, can you get me a drink?

“Why can’t you get it?”

“Awww! Please? I’m sooooo thirsty.”

“Seriously? You are being so lazy.”


No response.

Please? Please? Please? Please? Please?


Now I come to think of it how flippin’ lazy is that??

2. Celebrity Culture

Seriously, this is the bane of my life. Celebrity Culture is, let’s face it, a lot of what forms our culture and, if we admit it, ourselves today. I mean come on, how many girls dyed their hair that deep plum colour just because Cheryl Cole had it, even if they wouldn’t admit that was the reason? I dare you, next time you walk down the high street, count how many girls have that hair colour (I’m not knocking it, it is a nice colour….but still….).

How many of us just get really pee-ed off when some random person goes on some pants reality show and somehow gets famous afterwards? I mean, has our idea of celebrity status gone down since the time of; Fred Astaire, Grace Kelly or Doris Day? These people didn’t just get on a reality show and get famous, no, they are  were great and worked hard to become the icons they were in their day and still are. Fred Astaire was a fantastic dancer and singer, Grace Kelly was a beauty who married a Prince and Doris day was a fantastic Calamity Jane. (If you don’t know these things, research these people, you’re missing out…).

The worst effect of this Celebrity Culture is on us plebians. When you see someone go from ‘Zero’ to famous, it’s so easy to get caught up and think – one day, if only or the worst – “That means I don’t have to work hard because you don’t have to to have it all”

3. Everyone else

Now if you’ve got good friends, and by those I mean truthful to the point of bluntness, then they won’t let you get lazy but the majority will say – it’s all about you, you deserve better, they should realise how great you are. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s appropriate to say those things only not when you’re being lazy if you get me?


These things then affect different areas of our lives, we don’t strive so hard which means we don’t work hard in the work place because we believe we deserve something for nothing, people get married thinking there’s no work involved and you disappear into the sunset – if that were the case then there would be considerably less people on the planet and considerably less divorces.

Lastly, it means that if you are a Christian, it’s easy to think that everything will just happen, you relationships with God will just happen, your patience with others will just happen, money will just fall into your lap (sometimes that happens 🙂 your character building will just happen….

Well I’ve got news for myself along with the rest of the world – We better start getting off our a**** and working for a job, at our marriages and relationships, at our relationships with God and in my case at House work, story writing and reading the bible as well, because here’s the thing –

Life isn’t Easy, it takes work and a whole lotta God,

once you’ve got that sorted, you’ve just gotta get on

with it.

toodles x

By Philippa Keyworth


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