This happened to me the other day…

First of all I was just having a little ride on this small white Fell pony who I take out once a week. Now I was having a little bit of fun, just trotting around, jump a little pole here. Danno (the pony, not some random man) decides he’s a bit excited and does a little bucking which is fine y’know because he does that quite a lot. I shout at him, give him a hearty kick to tell him off and then he gets a bit worse, twisting and turning until finally he stands stock still, his mind still working out what to do to get me off and suddenly he’s got it……


So in short, Sunday was a rather interesting ride, once dismounted (no I did not fall off whoever assumed that I did, honestly I only lost a stirrup but decided once he’d touched the floor again that I’d rather not get chucked off) I promptly shook with adrenaline and then had the most absolutely wonderful high, because I had sat my very first rear, not fallen off and wanted to get back on and ride again.

It is experiences like that, that give us as writer’s the ability to convey something others have not felt, seen nor heard. We can express the thrills we have felt in life along with the sorrows, events that none have experienced in the way that we have – suddenly being slightly different or completely odd doesn’t seem such a bad thing. Thanks to time and a bit of Jane Austen‘s wisdom:

‘(I am) not at all in a humour to write; I must write on till I am.’

I have written twenty pages by hand since I last updated this, from those twenty pages I was pleased with one sentence –

‘She smiled sweetly at Highsmith in the sickening way that lovers do when they are in their first throes of the affliction.’

What is the best sentence you have written this week? Last week? Last month?


4 thoughts on “This happened to me the other day…

  1. Fabulous story…… could relate to the poor child just about to get eaten by a horse very well ( have often had horses try to eat me)

    Sounds like a spirited little pony you have there – Fun I bet!

    Love the sword by the way, didn’t realise you where into weapons in such a big way!

    Hope you are keeping well lovely lady.

    Keep writing these little stories – they cheer me up after a rubbish day!

    Love xx

    1. I’m glad you liked it m, if it put a smile on your face my mission is complete. He is a very spirited pony but he is learning slowly. I only wear my sword with my dress-wear. I well and I hope you are also. P x

  2. So I have had a tough and rubbish week and thought I would check up on your writing (in a good supportive way not in a teacher way making sure that you are) Anyway… I loved this story of you day. It made me laugh so loud that the dog (who is deaf and blind) came to see what was going on (he can feel vibrations or something)

    I loved it!!!


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