Second revisions

I was ever so close to starting to revise an old story of mine I’ve written. I read the whole thing, started making notes and even revised the first two chapters before I gave up and went back to Letty.

I feel guilt pangs over this, but then I think to myself, if I still have Letty buzzing so happily around in my head then perhaps this is one of those, ‘strike while the iron’s hot’ things.

I have started revising the first chapter. This time the mission is ‘correct spelling and punctuation and if there are any gaps add about 15,000 words’ (I say this all very easily, knowing how much work I am actually talking about…

The only thing that worries, is the word count uppage, but I think it will probably spread quite easily over the book…..she hopes.

It is so funny in a way because I avoided revising my stories for ages until a good friend gave me a verbal kick up the bum and told me to get over it or I will never get published. I then did my first full revision and man does your story change! And not in a bad way where you lose anything, the best way to describe it is that it is like your storyline and especially your characters go from being 2d to 3d.

You create real people not just characters in you imagination.

So I am excited to see what will happen in the second revision. I have already added so that is good and I have also found bits of writing that I have said in my head, ‘Oh I didn’t realise I wrote that….cool.’ (obviously I have the opposite when I go…OH MY WORD PRESS DELETE!)

‘The moonlight was firmly in control of the rugged landscape outside the small window when she

finally drifted off. The large winged armchair in her husband’s room had become her home in the past

week of his illness. The heavy woollen blanket, which was now draped across her unconscious frame,

had become the roof over her head.’

This is being changed a bit, but still, I enjoy it. Reading through I realised the other bits you really have to read it all to appreciate (she says assuming her work is any good).

Anyway, does anyone have any good routines for second revisions? Or better an methods?


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