385 words

‘      To be back in the freedom of the countryside was at least some comfort. It was not the ferocious beauty of the end of the country, but to even have entered the border of the West Country was lavender water to a burning brow.

If Letty tried to explain the overwhelming emotions that were rioting around her mind, it was like a scientist, explaining advanced physics to a child. The sea breeze billowed about her dress. It rouged those cheeks with an angry red independence. Her hands became a chapped pink, the skin dried by resentful winds.

It seemed too long since a solitary walk. Trees were struggling to bud while Winter seemed, today, to be making a last-charge, attempting to halt its nemesis, Spring’s, advance. It was easy, as the wild coastline came into sight, for her to forget everything. She would not dwell in a cave of self-pity. Clarissa was living proof that, that particular method of dealing with disaster did nothing. Tears were no currency for a debt-collector, and how could you sign away family silver to a tradesman when your hand quaked from sobbing?      ‘


‘Letty’  – – chapter 10


I hope you enjoy this small passage from my most recently written book (that is of course if someone actually reads this.)


I do not want to write too much, as a clever man told me today; you only want a blog to be 200-300 words as no one wants to read anymore unless it is undeniably riveting. So I shall not go on much longer only as much as to say, I am a writer (in my head at least if not published), very ridiculous in many senses – the most potent is my clumsy nature;


(My husband to be at the time once told me

‘Philippa, you are clumsy’

I reply,

‘NO I’M NOT!’ and try to storm off in a huff – encountering both a small coffee table with my shin and the marble counter of the kitchen side with my hip…)

I would love to be published and am pursuing that as well as writing or doing something related to that far too regularly.

Now I have come to the point where I am beginning to feel self-obssessed talking about myself too much, so I will end by saying


‘DAMN IT!’ ……385 words…..





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